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We create multimedia software, semantic search solutions and advanced Internet projects for local companies to accelerate their business results especially when they have sales problems in their market.

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Video marketing on PODIM 31

We have presented a paper Video Marketing for Global Breakthrough on PODIM 31.

Simple ways were shown how any company (just founding, start-up or existing) can achieve visibility, promotion and global sales with their own videos. Web search is becoming most used method of researching marketing niches, products available and existing business solutions.

Presentation about video marketing for global success is available as PDF document. Download it from the link below.

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Video Marketing

Video will be 50% content and 90% traffic of Internet in 2013. Do you want to have videos for marketing, e-learning or sales and more branding, customers and profit? Post a project for us on eLance or Freelancer. Your sales count, nothing else.

Sales Presentation

Want to have Persuasive Presentation? From a Presentation Guru with 17 years of working experience and numerous sales for clients? Contact us so you'll know what you need.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Copywriting

Video Marketing


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