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Video marketing on PODIM 31

We have presented a paper Video Marketing for Global Breakthrough on PODIM 31.

Simple ways were shown how any company (just founding, start-up or existing) can achieve visibility, promotion and global sales with their own videos. Web search is becoming most used method of researching marketing niches, products available and existing business solutions.

Presentation about video marketing for global success is available as PDF document. Download it from the link below.

Mobile applications and 7 steps for iPhone application

We have presented Mobile applications with imaging and 7 steps for iPhone application (available in Slovenian as video presentation in our website Prezentacija) at ROSUS 2010 on Mar 18th 2010.

Especially a comprehensive list of 7 steps to finish for creating and distributing an iPhone application is still creating a lot of problems for developers in Slovenia. As we check Slovenian applications in AppStore it seems that Slovenian developers could work on presentation and marketing their apps in Internet. But let's go back to work and soon release online course for iPhone introduction and outsourcing iPhone development. Stay tuned!

Days of curiosity 2008

Even without formally employed people we have started the 1% for society initiative. It means that everyone in will benefit to better, more accessible society at least 1% of his working time monthly with unpaid social work and other giving activites. We are probably first in Slovenia in that.

I have started the other day. On Days of curiosity 2008, organized by multimedia centre Kibla, I've shown my path and possibilities in computer science jobs. We have emhpasized development trends (media convergence) that listeners, scholars of Media tehnician course, will be involved with in the future.

Presentation is available (in Slovenian only) at:

I'll be glad to tell my story anytime to English speaking listeners if there's more interest.

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