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Course Niche Explorer (working title)

Course Niche Explorer offers an easy way to see courses at Udemy site related to a particular keyword. Enter it below (entering text in the input field is not calling any script for now):

(Here the script will run and offer an input field for a keyword. The display will be page-wide offering no exporting of data retrieved.

PHP script and D3.js visualization for:

1. Querying Udemy for entered keyword (cached for 24 hours).
2. Retrieving course IDs from a search result.
3. Retrieving course information from courses in #2 in a loop using GET /courses/{id} (cached for 7 days).
4. Displaying charts of courses visually with options to order based on fields.

Expected daily requests are much less than 1,000 (actually Udemy API might not even get called - querying for entered keyword is done separately and cached results e.g. course IDs for 24 hours. If course IDs to display more information for are cached too - planning for 7 days - then Udemy API GET method will not be called). And by all means - there is NO intention to crawl Udemy to get information for all courses, cached files will be erased after 7 days if not called in that period.

Strict Udemy API requirements will be followed as experienced from 7 years of using Google Maps and other APIs.

Main purpose is helping me in PhD studies of Knowledge Management where I combine e-learning, gamification and knowledge management as part of my PhD proposal and work. For now there is no intention to offer this publicly, this is a private URL on a website of the company I established and now am procurator etc.

Matt S Rinc
Bs Computer Science)

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